Lee FG - Headshot,8-27-15Lee (me) is an environmental educator, travel writer, and social innovator pursuing his PhD in environmental studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder. His research investigates how co-created and ecologically informed approaches to community program development can improve the design, implementation, and assessment of cross-border environmental initiatives. Lee holds an MA in Environmental Conservation Education from NYU, and a BS in Computer Science from the University of Rochester. His recent positions include teaching Environmental Studies at Pace University, co-leading community development projects in Costa Rica and Israel with The Sustainability Laboratory, and researching rural community learning models with the Earth Child Institute in Brazil. Lee’s long-term professional dreams include building new programs in transformative environmental education, being a rock star, and bridging worldwide gaps in cultural understanding towards a more unified human society.

The goal of this blog is to offer insights into learnings, musings, and understandings discovered on the journey of a PhD student hoping to contribute not just to a single discipline, but to human understanding as a whole. I’m always glad to start a new conversation, send me a message¬†or connect with me at one of the social media outlets below.